Full Mass Spectrum Analysis

GemTOF simultaneously acquires the full mass spectrum. As depicted in the figure below, an averaged spectrum shows mass range from 7Li isotope to 238U from ablation signal on NIST610 SRM. Only a few elements (e.g. H, N, O, F, Cl, and nobel gases) are not analyzed by GemTOF. They suffer from strong interferences and high backgrounds, or are difficult to be ionized.

Limit of Detection

Limit of detection (LOD) is a figure of merit when describing the detection capability of an analytical instrument, indicating the lowest isotope concentration that is sufficient in order to provide a significant signal above background. As a result of recent instrumental developments, GemTOF benefits from the combination of improved instrument sensitivity and low background noise, which guarantees a superior limit of detection for heavy elements in parts per billion (ppb) and for light elements in parts per million (ppm). In the figure below, typical limits of detection through the full mass range is shown for NIST610 SRM. Laser spot size is 75micrometer and laser repetition rate 20Hz.