Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which client gemstones does SSEF carry out GemTOF testing on?

SSEF since November 2016 is routinely testing submitted coloured gemstones using GemTOF. Please note that SSEF’s Terms & Conditions (on backside of SSEF Order Form and on SSEF website) stipulate that unless explicitly excluded by the client in the order, GemTOF can be carried out on submitted Gemstone(s). Pearls and diamonds are not routinely tested using GemTOF.

Does GemTOF damage my stone?

The minute laser ablation pits produced by GemTOF are hardly visible, and are mostly carried out on the girdle.  Furthermore, GemTOF testing does not lead to a weight change in the stone.

What is the difference between Quadropole-MS and TOF-MS?

Unlike the LA-ICP-Quadrupole-MS (LA-ICP-Q-MS) technique already established in the gemmological field, GemTOF is able to record nearly all elements in the periodic table simultaneously and at ultra-high speeds and low limits of detection. 

Why does SSEF carry out GemTOF testing?

GemTOF's high precision and low detection limits allow us to gain detailed information on the chemistry of a gemstone. This flows into origin determination research and testing and allows to improve understanding of gemstones from different origins for example.